I heard a whisper
A rumour
A surprise
It circulated round the church
Then slipped out
Entering those places
Church folk fear to tread

It began as a gesture
A comment
A thought
Let loose it swept through
The building like wild fire
Merciless yet beautifully
Untamed then it was gone

People looked on
What would happen next
Where could they hide
What if it was true
What would become of them

It got talked about
In the street
Even in the social club
Really, what does that mean
Pardon what did you say
God doesn’t understand theology

The people were lost
Distressed even
To imagine God didn’t
Do God stuff how was that
It was then they all missed it
The babies cry.

Advent Darkness

A Flicker pushes away the darkness
It scampers into the recesses
Of mind and space
The gentle glow
Persuades all is well

A small light can overcome
The darkest hour
Perpetrators of dark
Banished once more

Where to
For how long
Gone for ever
Only if the flame remains
Once extinguished
the darkness rushes to envelop

How long will the light shine
For ever
In this space or deep within
Spatial darkness is less fearful
Then the lurking darkness
Of the soul crying out

Waiting Advent light
To burn on the wreath
And once again in our hearts
Dispel all darkness
From our world

May we become the lights
of all space
And God our light within

Ruth Crompton Advent 2014


Mist hovering in the vale
Curling around trees black
Against the wakening sky.

The sun kisses the hills
As it stretches its arms
Across the horizon

Vestiges of the night
Hurtle into the shadows
Dispelling nocturnal fears

Hopes spring up
Desires awaken exposing
the sleepiness of life.

Sounds of the morning
Encroach upon a body
Emerging from sleep.

What will become
Of this new day

violence means?

Was it worth a life
Or two or three
Just to get attention?
This brutal death to show
Whose boss
But are you?

Installing fear
Extinguishing hope
What kind of living is that
Is it truly fulfilling
Or desperate and lonely

Killing for a cause
For supremacy
Or so you believe
To show who is in control

Is there some kind of thrill
Watching another suffer
And die at your hands
Or is irrational hatred
So powerful
It numbs out everything humane?

This is not life
Or living for a cause
It is death by hatred
Existence rather than alive

There is more life and true faith
In those slaughtered
Then in the knife you yield

For we live with in hope

Here I begin

For a number of years I have been dabbling with words.
The way they can be evocative, inviting and disturbing all in the one moment.
I have attempted to write poetry and would be interested in any commnet poeple may wish to leave me.

So here goes.

The blog may sometimes burst with activity and at other times it may seem silent and brooding. Such is life when inspirtaion flows or ceases.

Please note if you wish to use this material please let me know and also remmber to credit it to the author! Thanks